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Trusted and recommended by Ear, Nose and Throat doctors for relief of nasal allergy congestion, chronic sinusitis, nasal valve collapse, deviated septum and snoring, SINUS CONES, MAX-AIR NOSE CONES, and NEW MAX-AIR NOSE CONES SPORTS PERFORMANCE gently and comfortably open up the nasal airways and to immediately decongest blocked, stuffy, and congested noses fast. NO WAITING!

Feel like breathing again? Now it's easy to be good to your nose and make nighttime or daytime breathing problems a thing of the past, we guarantee it.

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Breathe Well, Sleep Well


Original, Medium, Clear MAX-AIR NOSE CONES - Softest materials for the ultimate blend of squeeziness and gentle airway stenting-action. Perfect remedy for relief of milder nighttime nasal airway issues that disorder sleep, cause snoring and restless sleep Max-Air Nose Cones - Size Medium, Clear

2-Sets of two medium - MAX-AIR NOSE CONES

Squeezieness-Rating: SOFTEST

Newer design, made with our softest, transparent, medical material for mild to moderate nasal obstruction issues. Provides gentle pressure to open nasal airflow for relief of bothersome nighttime breathing issues, milder snoring, nighttime dry mouth, and deviated septum with astonishing comfort and airway relief.

Adhesive-free, Drug-free, Latex-Free
Made in the USA

PRICE: $22.60
Original, Medium, White SINUS CONES - Softer materials and a little clip that fits on the outside of the nose make Sinus Cones a perfect remedy for more problematic sinus and nasal airway congestion or more severe nasal obstruction relief. Sinus Cones - Size Medium, White

1-set of two medium - SINUS CONES

Squeezieness-Rating: SOFTER

Original design, made with a soft, white, but slightly firmer, medical material for moderate to severe nasal obstruction issues. Provides superior nasal decongestion stenting-action for relief of chronic sinus infections, loud habitual snoring, and persistent nasal collapse with easy, amazing nasal airway support.

Adhesive-free, Drug-free, Latex-free
Made in the USA

PRICE: $22.60